How Clutter Affects Your Health

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How Clutter Affects Your Health

We talk a lot about reducing clutter in your life, caring for the clothes in your closet and generally trying to tame messiness. Part of that is because we’re passionate about helping you live spaciously, but part of that is also because having a cluttered house can really negatively affect your life.
Below, you can read about the real impact that having too much stuff can have on you, along with a couple tips on what to do when it becomes overwhelming.

1. You can’t focus.

Researchers at the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute found that clutter restricts your ability to focus and hinders processing information. This makes you distracted, and you can’t perform as well as you would if you were working or living in a clean, organized environment.

2. Your children suffer.

Seriously, the Huffington Post reported that children in decluttered classrooms perform 13 percent better on tests.

3. It’s a sign of bigger problems.

In 2008, the New York Times reported that people think clutter is a “house problem,” when it could really be a sign of a larger health issue.

While most people don’t struggle with hoarding, which the Times reported many experts believe is a mental illness, we can learn from those who do. Instead of seeing each individual object, take a step back and look at the cluttered state, or the big picture, instead. You might be surprised to find “chronic disorganization” is your problem.

What do you do to combat these problems though? If clutter reduces mental clarity and calm, affects our loved ones and could be a warning sign for deeper issues, how do you stop it?

The first step is recognizing your issue. What parts of your life are cluttered? Is is physical or not? You could have a stuffed email inbox full of message you haven’t responded to, or you could have dozens of shirts stuffed in a drawer you can’t close.

Either way, begin to look for resources to guide your “stuff detox.” Search through the #organization hashtags on social media platforms and find guides and inspiration. Then, make it actionable and clean it up! You might find that the benefits of a clean house are more than physical. You might feel calmer, more serene, and a bit more happy as well.

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