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4 Things You Won’t Wear for the Next Six Months

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Hooray! It’s finally summer in Chicago! And everywhere else in the Western Hemisphere, of course. While we’re happy it’s warm, and we can finally go to the beach and Lake Michigan without freezing, it means there’s lots of items in our closet we aren’t wearing any time soon. And chances are you won’t, either.

So why are you wasting closet space on them? When you keep winter items in your closet, you can’t see those beautiful summer pieces just dying to be worn, and it takes longer to get dressed. Those are the kinds of things Armoire stores, and so we’re listing below clothing items we won’t be wearing until it’s winter again. Are you taking up space with any of these?


Faux Fur Johnston & Murphy Winter Coat


1. Faux fur – Yes, it’s pretty and cozy, but you won’t be needing this for a while. These coats can be bulky, too.


2. Sweatshirts – Sweatshirts are the comfort food of the clothing world. But do you really need them when it’s 90 degrees outside?



White Cowl Neck Sweater


3. Cowl Neck Sweaters – We love to snuggle inside a deep cowl neck. Much different than a turtle neck sweater! But you can store them until at least November!


4. Wool – If you have anything wool in your closet right now, what are you waiting for? Get that thing out until it’s below zero! It’s only worth being itchy in the worst of weather.


That’s the end of our list! And we didnt’ even mention the real Chicago classic, puffer jackets! These items just get musury¬†and wrinkled under your bed, or take up unnecessary space throughout the summer months. Let us handle it for you! We can’t wait to help you organize your closet for the best it can be.


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